What’s a competition without a couple of rules to level the playing field?

1)      RULE 1: NO COMPLAINING.  This is a free competition run by volunteers – you’ve got nothing to complain about.

2)      RULE 2: All rules (except #1) are subject to change for each competition.  For example, one event may have a time limit of 4 minutes, the next one 2 minutes.  It’s up to you to be familiar with the rules of each.

3)      DURATION:  The duration of your film is specified in each challenge.  The run time includes opening credit time.

4)      NEW MATERIAL: You must begin shooting your film no earlier than the theme announcement.  You may not submit a film shot previously.  All footage in your film must be new, though some exceptions may be made (example, archival footage) but must be confirmed by a judge.

5)      MUSIC: Don’t steal music.  Any music you use must be with written permission of the composers/performers.

6)      ONLINE: It is your responsibility to have your film online by the close of the competition.  We suggest Vimeo and Youtube.  If your film is not online by the closing time, it is not eligible for competition.

7)      EXCLUSIVITY: You cannot “preview” or send links to your film out to anyone until after we “screen” it the week after competition closes.  After we announce your film, you’re free to send it all over the web.

8)       LIABLILY:  You accept full liability for any and all content you create.

9)      OWNERSHIP: You retain 100% of all rights to your film.

10)  LEGAL: You grant us rights to show and promote your film within the boundaries of our competition.

11)  TITLE: The opening shots of your film must be 2 titles 1) “The DV Challenge Presents” and 2) the title of your film.  Please be creative with your titles.  Do not simply title it the same as the theme, for example if the theme is “cats”, don’t call your movie “Cats”, “The Cats”, or “A Cat”.  Do not title it “untitled”.  Very descriptive titles help your film stick out during judging.

12)  CREDITS: You must have full credits at the end.  You are given an extra 20 seconds of run time to fit in these credits.  Please restrict opening credits to only the titles (see above) and “a film by…”  The opening credits count in your run time.

13)  MEDIUM: Your film must be primarily live video/film, not photo montages or animation.  Merging of multiple mediums is acceptable.  You must have permission to use any additional material (photos/video/animation) not created by yourself.

14)  LOGOS: We aren’t bothered by minor inclusions of logos in your work, but suggest you avoid them.


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